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To help you out we’ve put together a collection of calculators that will allow you to work through a number of scenarios and help plan your financial situation. Select from the list of savings and loan calculators below.

Personal Loan Calculators


Eligibility Calculator

Check whether you are eligible for a NOW FINANCE loan.


Repayment Calculator

Easily calculate your weekly / fortnightly repayments on a NOW FINANCE loan.


Debt Consolidation

Evaluate how much you could save by consolidating your other debts with NOW FINANCE.


Savings & Budget Calculators


Savings Calculator

This calculator calculates the total accumulation in a savings account with a regular deposit arrangement.


Savings Goal – How long to save

This calculator helps find how long it will take to reach a saving goal, based on regular deposit arrangement.


Savings Goal – How Much To Deposit

Calculates how much you will need to deposit on a regular basis to reach your savings goal.


Compound Interest

This calculator helps you understand how compounding can affect your savings.



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