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We’re lucky with our winter here in Australia. We usually don’t get too cold for too long, although in some places it definitely rains more than we’d like it to!

At the same time, if you’re a real sun worshipper, even with the myriad of “winter sun” holiday option at home, there is often nothing better than leaving the Australian winter behind and taking a couple of weeks overseas.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to fly around the world this winter.


South East Asia

South East Asia has been a popular destination among Australians for years. While the region has become busier in recent years as its relatively cheap travel opportunities have appealed to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, it’s still a great place to go when you’re looking to get out of Australia for a while.

Going during the Australian winter is often the best time to go, too. Travellers from Europe and the United States will often venture here during their winters, meaning the period from June to August can often be a little quieter.

Exactly where in South East Asia should you go? The choice is yours, but destinations such as Phuket, in Thailand, and Bali, Indonesia, are always popular with plenty to do and see, as well as a welcoming local community.

If you’re able to get a little longer off work then it’s definitely worth combining multiple destinations, either via short stays and connecting flights or by backpacking and camping your way around your favourite part of the region.

Fly: From Sydney to Phuket non-stop from $600 (Google Travel, June 2019)

Stay: 3-star hotels in Phuket are widely available for as little as $1,000 for 14 nights, for 2 adults (, June 2019)



Yes, okay, so Singapore is in South East Asia.

Yet, while Singapore has some magnificent beaches, it’s often more popular among tourists who are looking to take a “city break”.

Travelling in Singapore might be more expensive than the other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand, however without a doubt it is a clean, orderly, busy and modern city-state with fun things to do and fascinating things to see.

All that said, there are very few places within a relatively close proximity to Australia where you can get a feeling and a buzz like you can from Singapore. If escaping the Australian winter means getting yourself to somewhere busy to indulge yourself in shopping, great food, and a wealth of other experiences, then Singapore is the place to be!

Fly: From Sydney to Singapore non-stop from $400 (Google Travel, June 2019)

Stay: Four star hotels in downtown Singapore are widely available from around $4,500 for 14 nights, for 2 adults (, June 2019)



While the United Arab Emirates and indeed the Middle East region in general is a hugely popular tourist destination, Dubai very much remains the best known and most popular of them all.

In many respects, Dubai is similar to Singapore. There are plenty of fantastic places to shop, the beaches are incredible, and the nightlife has to be experienced to be believed, particularly as the way of life during the day can seem to be disarmingly laid back and relaxed.

When we think of Dubai, we often think about top dollar luxury and exclusivity, there are plenty of great deals to be had in terms of accommodation, particularly as you’re likely to spend a big chunk of your budget on getting there in the first place!

As well as the beaches and the shopping malls, the observation deck at the Burj Khalifa should be considered a “must do” while in Dubai, while Palm Islands is a great location for viewing dolphins and enjoying the water parks and opportunity to try paragliding and parachuting while enjoying the best view across the city that money could buy.

Fly: Sydney to Dubai non-stop from $1,600 (Google Travel, June 2019)

Stay: Three star hotels in Dubai are widely available from as little as $1,000 for 14 nights, for 2 adults (, June 2019)


Mediterranean Europe

Europe is filled with opportunities for taking a vacation.

We could talk here about city breaks in iconic destinations such as London, Munich, or Copenhagen, but while we can’t guarantee the weather anywhere we have a much better chance of doing so if we stick to the Mediterranean, so that’s where we’re going!

In much the same way as there are a wealth of potential vacation destinations across South East Asia, you can almost stick a pin into a map of Mediterranean Europe and you’ll find somewhere to take a trip.

We’re looking to combine a few different elements of a vacation, so we’re heading to Crete.

Why Crete? First of all, the weather is almost guaranteed to be hot during the European summer months, so that’s one tick in the box.

Second, it’s a great destination in terms of things to do. If you want to kick back and relax by the pool for a couple of weeks, or do the same on the beach, you’re all good to do that. Likewise, if you’re interested in ancient Greek history there are several ruins – the Palace of Knossos being the most famous – and museums for you to visit. Hiring a car for a couple of days to get around and see most of the island (it isn’t that big a place!) is a great idea, too.

Finally, to get to Crete, you’ll need to take a connecting flight. Arrange your connections via Athens, and do it in such a way that you get to spend a couple of days in the city, and you can combine a sunshine city break with your Mediterranean vacation!

Fly: Sydney to Crete, with connections, from $1,600 (Skyscanner, June 2019)

Stay: Three star hotels on Crete, with breakfast included, are widely available for as little as $2,000 for 14 nights, for 2 adults (, June 2019)


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