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When you see a TV advert or hear something on the radio that mentions the opportunity to “reduce your debt in minutes,” or “legally become debt free,” do you know what you’re actually getting into? Perhaps you’re reading this having previously signed up to such a service thinking you were getting a great deal, only […]
If you are declared bankrupt – irrespective of whether you applied for bankruptcy voluntarily or a creditor filed a petition to have you declared bankrupt – you may likely face a wide range of consequences. One of these, which can have a long term effect on your life, is the effect bankruptcy will have on […]
Being declared bankrupt can have a significant impact on your life and particularly on your financial affairs, both in the short term and, depending on how you co-operate with your bankruptcy trustee and deal with the bankruptcy, to varying degrees in the long term. Although when you are declared bankrupt, the bankruptcy will be applied […]
The terms insolvency and bankruptcy are often used interchangeably. As such, they are often confused and mistakenly taken to mean the same thing. If you are potentially facing financial difficulties and are looking into your options, it pays to know the difference between insolvency and bankruptcy. What is the Difference Between Insolvency and Bankruptcy? Before […]
Being declared bankrupt is a serious matter, and it can have far reaching consequences for yourself and for those closest to you. If you are considering  voluntary bankruptcy it is likely you have already considered a number of alternatives, while a creditor will usually only apply to have you declared bankrupt as a last resort. […]
Being declared bankrupt, irrespective of whether you declare yourself bankrupt or become bankrupt following a Creditors Petition, can have serious consequences. The effects of bankruptcy can be far reaching across various aspects of your life, perhaps even in ways you hadn’t already considered. Going bankrupt has the potential not just to affect you personally, but […]
A debt agreement is a binding agreement between a debtor and their creditors. Debt agreements are where creditors agree to accept an amount of money that you can afford to pay, over a set period of time, to settle the debtor’s debts. Although entering a Part IX Debt Agreement is not the same as being […]
Under Australian Law, personal bankruptcy laws are covered under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth). The link above will allow you to access the full details of the Act. Alternatively, you can read A Guide to Bankruptcy Laws elsewhere within the  blog. The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) are the government agency that is responsible for […]

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