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Technology. A word that is hugely exciting yet one that can be quite frightening at the same time. Technology moves so quickly that no sooner have we purchased the latest gadget or installed the newest improvement into our homes that we’re being told that, actually, what we’ve just spent hundreds – sometimes thousands – of […]
What do you need right now? Whether it’s a new car, to cover the cost of medical expenses, or even to take a vacation, what are you doing to make it happen? If you’re trying to save some money each month and failing miserably, don’t worry, because you’re not alone! We know that life can […]
“Become an Airbnb host” is often the first thing you’ll read if you’re looking for tips on how to increase your income or how to make use of a spare room at home. While it’s definitely a great idea, it’s also something that’s easier said than done. Whether you want to become an Airbnb host […]
Melbourne is one of Australia’s most beautiful cities, and is just as popular among those migrating from abroad wanting to live there as it is among Australians who move into the city. Although living in Melbourne is 10% cheaper than living in Sydney according to the Expatistan website, it is still an expensive place to […]
Going through the breakdown of your marriage is stressful enough without worrying about how you’re going to deal with the financial aftermath. However, it’s one of those things that simply has to be done, and ultimately once you’ve done it, you’ll be in a much better position to move on with your life, even if […]
When looking for a personal loan, many people choose to focus purely on the interest rate they are getting. In some respects, this is understandable, because the interest rate is the thing we often associate most closely with the overall loan cost. However, it is a myth that you should only focus on the interest […]
Terms and Conditions. Words that are enough to fill most of us with dread. Yet, at the same time, words that make many of us simply tick a box or sign an agreement without realizing what we’re signing up to. How many times have we heard someone say, or said to ourselves, “no one reads […]
Credit cards can be immensely helpful, but at the same time they can cost us a hell of a lot of money. We’re not just talking about the interest rates and how long it’ll take you to pay the card balance when you only make the minimum payment each month, either (we’ll look at those […]

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