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According to data released by Roy Morgan in November 2018, 2.7 million Australians live in a home with a swimming pool. This represents 13% of the population, up from 12% who lived in a home with a swimming pool in 2015, when Roy Morgan last conducted the same research. Through the years, numerous studies have […]
For years, cosmetic surgery struggled to find a place in Australia’s lifestyle and general culture. Recently, perhaps fuelled by the acceleration in social media use, celebrity culture, and a combination of the two by way of social “influencers” and popular celebrities themselves, cosmetic surgery has become hugely popular. Not only is it popular, cosmetic surgery […]
We all love going on holiday. Yet, if there’s one thing that is frustrating, it’s when we get somewhere and it’s overrun by tourists. Of course, we have to accept that we’re tourists ourselves, but the selfish side of us always wants to find quieter, unspoiled locations where we can explore and have the place […]
According to Canstar, based on the latest available figures from the end of 2017, 45.6% of Australians have a private health insurance policy that will cover hospital treatment. This was a slight drop from the 46% that Canstar reported based on figures from September 2017. In real numerical terms, this equated to around 12,000 fewer […]
Do you know when a credit check is done? In the majority of cases, a credit check would only be done with your consent, but are you agreeing to a credit check being done without realising? Do you understand the impact of making a credit application and what it could mean to your credit history […]
Unless you’re in the habit of changing your car every few years as standard – or keep getting offered amazing finance deals to do so – you will probably have experienced the “fix it or replace it?” conundrum. What’s this? It’s when you find yourself with a hefty car repair bill, and you ask yourself […]
When you visit our website or receive an email from us, you might have noticed the section that talks about and displays our TrustPilot rating. What is this? How does it work? Why should you trust it? What is TrustPilot? TrustPilot is a consumer review website. Founded in Denmark in 2007, it now hosts reviews […]
Understanding when personal loan providers check your credit file will help you adapt your behaviour when shopping around for personal loans, as well as other types of credit products. Let’s take a look at when personal loan providers check your credit file, and what you can do to protect your credit score. Personal Loan Providers […]

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