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Do you know when a credit check is done? In the majority of cases, a credit check would only be done with your consent, but are you agreeing to a credit check being done without realising? Do you understand the impact of making a credit application and what it could mean to your credit history […]
When you visit our website or receive an email from us, you might have noticed the section that talks about and displays our TrustPilot rating. What is this? How does it work? Why should you trust it? What is TrustPilot? TrustPilot is a consumer review website. Founded in Denmark in 2007, it now hosts reviews […]
Understanding when personal loan providers check your credit file will help you adapt your behaviour when shopping around for personal loans, as well as other types of credit products. Let’s take a look at when personal loan providers check your credit file, and what you can do to protect your credit score. Personal Loan Providers […]
Whether you rent or own your property, modern property prices mean that sometimes we’ll find ourselves living in small spaces. While for some of us that might mean renting a room or sharing with friends, some of us are able to afford a place of our own, though in some cases this means living in […]
It is common for one generation to blame a previous generation when discussing finances, or living or housing costs. Perhaps blame is even too strong a word. Maybe it is more correct to say that the Gen Y generation, or Millennials, look back enviously at previous generations. In particular this is often driven by the […]
Avocado toast could be given many labels. The most famous is that it’s a home ownership barrier for millennials, according to Tim Gurner, who famously stated that when he was saving for his first home that he “wasn’t buying $19 smashed avocado and $4 coffees.” Gurner said it, millennials hit back, Gurner retaliated, and so […]
Australia continues to move to a new comprehensive credit reporting (CCR) regime from 1 July 2018, which will be mandatory for the big four banks, and optional for other lenders. This is a significant change in how the big 4 banks and other lenders add and share information with regards to your credit report. Both […]
With comprehensive credit reporting (CCR) becoming mandatory for the big four banks in Australia from 1 July 2018, there are a huge number of potential benefits for consumers to take advantage of. As well as there being plenty of benefits on offer, naturally there are some concerns about what CCR may mean for personal privacy […]

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