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When looking for a personal loan, many people choose to focus purely on the interest rate they are getting. In some respects, this is understandable, because the interest rate is the thing we often associate most closely with the overall loan cost. However, it is a myth that you should only focus on the interest […]
  “When I apply for a personal loan, I get the same interest rate as my friends and neighbours. There is a standardised interest rate across the industry, and everyone gets the same interest rate when they take out a loan.” This is a myth. Yet, as we discovered recently when conducting some internal research using […]
If you’re worried about your partner’s credit score, then you’re not alone among Australians. If you’re not worried, and you are unsure of your partner’s credit status and financial history, then perhaps you should be. Your Partner’s Credit Score Could Affect You! Whether you don’t feel like you need to have discussed finances with your […]
Even if you haven’t read the famous George Orwell novel Animal Farm, you probably recognize the foundation of the quote used in the title. The premise Orwell was getting at was of course from a political perspective, that as people we’re all equal, but the ones with the power (politicians, and in Animal Farm the […]
If you’re looking for a personal loan, and you see a low interest rate advertised, there’s no question this is going to appeal to you. Unfortunately for thousands of Australians, the interest rate that inspires them to apply, and the interest rate they want, can very rarely turn out to be the one they’re actually […]
Did you know that you might be able to negotiate your interest rate when applying for a personal loan? Now that you do, is it something you would consider doing? While many people may feel shy about doing so, for others there is no feeling to rival the one of having gotten yourself a better […]
  Knowing your credit score, as well as knowing that everything on your credit file is correct, can have a huge impact on your finances. When you know your credit score you can confidently apply for a personal loan, a mortgage, or any other type of credit and know you’re going to be accepted if […]
  When you’re spending money, be that on credit cards or out of your current account, and thinking about how to manage your budget and plan any debt repayments you need to make, are you giving due thought and consideration to how this might affect your future? Many Australians will recognise this mindset, however if […]

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