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Refinancing a personal loan may be a great financial solution that could bring many benefits. Refinancing is simply taking out a new loan to repay the last one, and is usually done to consolidate liabilities which may reduce the number of repayments being made or to be able to borrow more. Why might refinancing be […]
There are many negative connotations attached to taking out a personal loan. These range from understandable concerns to things that are just downright myths. We’re going to take a look at many of the negative beliefs that surround personal loans, debunk them, and explain the truth behind them and specifically look at the process of […]
Taking out a personal loan is a fantastic opportunity for you to start getting your life back in order, to invest in something to work towards the future, or to treat yourself after years of hard work and saving, only to find yourself spending your savings on life’s unexpected expenses and emergencies. Here’s a look […]
When you see a TV advert or hear something on the radio that mentions the opportunity to “reduce your debt in minutes,” or “legally become debt free,” do you know what you’re actually getting into? Perhaps you’re reading this having previously signed up to such a service thinking you were getting a great deal, only […]
Is it possible to become debt free in seven years? What’s more, it may be possible to become debt free in seven years while living the life you want and fulfilling your dreams and aspirations along the way. To achieve this, it is simply a case of making smart choices and understanding how you can […]
The January blues are real. Even when the weather is fantastic and you’re enjoying time in your garden or down at the beach, sooner or later your credit card statement for the last month is going to arrive and you’re going to remember how much of a good time you and your family enjoyed over […]
  Payday loans are a controversial product and one that gets a lot of bad press, and as far as we’re concerned, rightly so. But What is a Payday Loan? A payday loan is a short term loan (you will sometimes see them called “short term loans” rather than payday loans) that is often advertised […]
Using a personal loan is a great way to get your finances in order and put yourself on the path to a brighter financial future. By consolidating your existing debts into one you can save yourself a significant sum of money, get debt free quicker, and reduce the stress dealing with your personal finances brings […]

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