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It is a common misconception that when you are discharged from a bankruptcy you are ‘debt free.’ Although being discharged from bankruptcy means you will be released from most of your debts, you are not automatically released from all of them, and will not necessarily be able to consider yourself debt free. Here is a […]
A March 2015 report from Moneysmart estimated Australian credit card debt to stand at $33billion. While the average debt in the same report was cited as being $3,300 per cardholder, there are sure to be many Australians whose credit card debt is way above the average, with others well below it, or even holding credit […]
Debt consolidation is a good way to gain a degree of control over your finances, and is a particularly useful solution for those that find it difficult to deal with numerous payments leaving their bank every month as well as dealing with several creditors at a time. What is Debt Consolidation? Debt consolidation is the […]
Debt consolidation loans are a financial solution that may be suitable to those that have a number of debts. While on the surface a debt consolidation loan may seem an appealing solution, as with all loans it is necessary to consider any potential drawbacks that may be associated with it. What is Debt Consolidation? Prior […]
Anyone with one or several unsecured personal loans may wish to consolidate them as a means of reducing their repayments and interest. By consolidating unsecured personal loans, individuals may enjoy several benefits which may change their financial situation. But as with all loans, it is necessary to consider any potential drawbacks that may be associated […]
Having a significant level of debt is stressful, even more so if your financial circumstances mean you are unable to pay off your debts to any effective degree, or find yourself doing little more than servicing the interest each month. If you are already struggling and have started to miss payments, you might be receiving […]
If you’re facing financial difficulties and are struggling to make repayments on time or in full, you potentially have a number of solutions available. Debt consolidation and debt settlement are two of the more commonly marketed solutions, but what these are and the difference between them can often be a source of some confusion, particularly […]
Many people have no idea what happens if their outstanding debt is passed onto a collections department or a debt collection agency. Most of the time this doesn’t matter, as if you repay your loan or other credit on time, you will never deal with a collections department or a debt collection agency. Yet, if […]

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