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Debt consolidation can be a positive step to take if you’re looking to take greater control of your financial affairs. There are many reasons you might be considering a debt consolidation solution. Though debt consolidation can be a positive step to take, it is important to go into such a process with your eyes wide […]
When you apply for a loan, part of the credit checking process is effectively the lender assessing your ability to repay. If you have a strong credit history and a high credit score, lenders will probably decide that you are likely to be a good borrower and repay on time, based on how much you […]
As the use of credit services and products is today widely accepted as a part of life, millions of people in Australia and around the world hold debt in the form of credit card balances, personal loans, and various other products. For many, accumulating debt is not a problem, as what they take on is […]
Whether you are struggling to meet your debt repayment obligations or would simply find it easier to deal with one creditor rather than several of them, a debt consolidation loan could be an option you wish to explore. Debt consolidation loans can have many benefits, from enabling you to repay debt quicker and reducing interest […]
Whether you’re looking to rebuild your credit score having already paid off a significant level of debt, or you’re struggling with debts currently, you have numerous options available to help you deal with your credit problems. There might not be one solution best for you; it may be you need to look at a number […]
According to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), household debt has been consistent at 150% of household annual income for the past six years. This tells us that individuals and families across Australia are, for whatever reason, struggling to reduce their debt. What are the best tips you can take advantage of to help you […]
If you have decided to set up a debt payment plan then you have already taken the first steps to reducing your debts and becoming debt free. Likewise, if you are considering ways to reduce your debt, then a debt payment plan could be just the answer you’re looking for. Although reducing personal debt is […]
One of the worst things about being trapped in a debt cycle is you might not even realise you’re stuck there. Credit cards and other personal financial products are such a part of modern life that buying on a credit card, paying the balance when you receive your salary, and repeat seems normal to millions […]

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