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In 2018 alone, Australians bought over 1.1 million new vehicles (Motoring, January 2019). With more than 60 brands and 400-plus models competing in the Australian car market, it is no surprise that you’re confused about which car would best suit your lifestyle (9news, June 2018). If you’re planning on heading out and buying a new […]
If you’re seeking finance to fund a new car purchase, you might be considering a number of different options. If you decide to go down the route of taking out a car loan, you may have the choice of taking out a secured or an unsecured loan. What’s the difference between a secured and an […]
Unless you’re in the habit of changing your car every few years as standard – or keep getting offered amazing finance deals to do so – you will probably have experienced the “fix it or replace it?” conundrum. What’s this? It’s when you find yourself with a hefty car repair bill, and you ask yourself […]

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