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Festival season will soon be upon us, and if you haven’t already sorted your tickets it’s likely that you’ll be starting to do so soon. Wherever you live in Australia, chances are there’s a music festival that will be happening within a suitable travelling distance. While festivals are fun and provide incredible memories that can […]
Sometimes, life has a habit of kicking us when we’re down, or bringing us a nasty surprise just as we’re starting to feel positive about the future. Unfortunately, on a high number of occasions these kicks and nasty surprises are finance related. Suddenly, you need to find thousands of dollars that you hadn’t budgeted for. […]
Having your home burgled is one of the most traumatising things that can happen to us. Waking up to find we have been burgled while we slept and that the burglars could have been merely inches away from us while we were completely unaware is hugely unnerving. Likewise, returning from vacation with some great memories […]
Our personal finances are an area that many of us tend to neglect. It’s never too early to start being financially savvy, while at the same time it’s never too late, either. Whether you’re just about to leave University and are starting to think about saving to buy your own home, or you’re in your […]
A car is something that is an essential for many of us, yet at the same time is something that demands a lot of our time as well as a significant portion of our monthly budget. One proportion of the payments we make related to our car each month is our insurance. Car insurance is […]
How long has it been since you and your family took a vacation together? Perhaps more importantly, how long will it be before you next take a family vacation? For many Australians, both of these questions can be answered in the same way: too long! Yet, despite how you may feel now, it doesn’t need […]
Millennials – otherwise known as Gen Y – are borrowing more than they can afford. In our recent article looking at Gen Y being on borrowed time we examined the reasons why this may be the case. Now, we will look closer at Gen Y, and for those of you who fit into Gen Y […]
Though many of us have seen all the statistics that say how having a degree can improve our employability throughout our lives, as well as enable us to earn more money, get promoted quicker, and reach a higher ceiling in our careers, most of us also know people who are high achievers and who didn’t […]

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