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A strong personal credit rating is very much an essential part of modern life. With a strong credit rating, people can enjoy access to financing for a number of purchases. Understanding Credit in Practical Terms The most expensive thing most people will ever buy is a house. Our credit rating informs our prospective mortgage lenders […]
There are several reasons why you may need to apply for a personal loan. At , we offer unsecured personal loans for a number of specific products and purposes. You can view these on our personal loans page. Wanting a personal loan isn’t as simple as contacting us or another financial services provider and simply […]
A bad credit rating can be a barrier to accessing numerous financial products and services, from a small purchase or contract such as a mobile telephone contract right up to buying a car or a home. While a less than perfect credit history and rating may not prevent everyone from accessing credit. It is worth […]
A March 2015 report from Moneysmart estimated Australian credit card debt to stand at $33billion. While the average debt in the same report was cited as being $3,300 per cardholder, there are sure to be many Australians whose credit card debt is way above the average, with others well below it, or even holding credit […]
Being rejected for a loan or another form of credit can be frustrating. Making repeated applications for credit can have negative consequences for your credit score, so before applying for more credit it is worth finding out the reasons why you may have been rejected. Understanding the Loan Application Process The loan application process itself […]
At , we don’t provide things like ‘pre-assessment’ or ‘pre-approval’ guidelines that effectively tell you whether you’ll be accepted for a personal loan prior to application, but we’re happy to share some of the variables that we consider when assessing your loan application. After all, we’re here to work for you, and if we can […]
When taking out a personal loan, you will do so ensuring that the repayment amounts you have committed to are affordable. We understand that your personal circumstances may change from time to time, and we would be sympathetic towards any customer that needed to revise their payment amount should they lose their job or face […]
You might choose to take out a personal loan for a number of reasons. Personal loans are a useful financial product and can help you in a variety of ways, depending on the reason for taking out your loan. Here are three ways a personal loan might be able to help you. Personal Loans for […]

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