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For years, cosmetic surgery struggled to find a place in Australia’s lifestyle and general culture. Recently, perhaps fuelled by the acceleration in social media use, celebrity culture, and a combination of the two by way of social “influencers” and popular celebrities themselves, cosmetic surgery has become hugely popular.

Not only is it popular, cosmetic surgery has also become much less of a taboo subject in general. Today, many of us feel comfortable talking about cosmetic surgery at home with our families, around the dinner table, or with workmates. Thanks to the development of different technologies and the pioneering of non-invasive treatments, we can even go out of work at lunchtime or at the end of the day to undergo simple procedures and then talk about it the same afternoon or the next day!

What Does the Cosmetic Surgery Industry in Australia Look Like?

  • Over $1billion per year spent by Australians on cosmetic surgery procedures
  • 500,000 procedures carried out in Australia every year
  • 30,000 liposuction procedures
  • 20,000 breast augmentation procedures
  • $350million spent on Botox treatments alone

Sources:  The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (2018), The West Australian (Mar 2019)

In addition to these statistics, it’s also notable that an increasing number of Australian men are undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures, although women are still the dominant gender in this respect.

What Surgeries are the Most Popular?

As you might expect, the list of popular surgeries differs among men and women. However, one notable trend in cosmetic surgery across Australia is that greater numbers of people are opting for simpler procedures, rather than choosing to “overhaul” their entire look. There is also a far greater focus among Australians on achieving a “natural” look, which follows global cosmetic surgery trends in moving away from a “bigger is better” mindset, particularly around procedures such as breast augmentation and lip fillers.

The table below highlights the most popular procedures for men and women, and the average cost here in Australia.

  Sources: Harper’s Bazaar (14 Dec 2017), ABC (20 Aug 2015), Plastic Surgery Brisbane (7 Mar 2017)

In addition to choosing an individual procedure, it is also increasingly common for men to combine different procedures. Undergoing cosmetic surgery to get rid of a “Dad bod”, for example, is a popular choice among Australian men, which usually deals with “man boobs” as well as removing fat from the abdomen and other areas.

Cosmetic Surgery is More Popular Than Ever Before, but is It Safe?

As well as the 500,000 cosmetic surgery procedures undertaken in Australia each year, medical tourism among Australians is also on the increase, with many choosing to travel to South East Asia, and particularly Thailand, to undergo treatment. Even with travel and accommodation costs included, treatment can often be far cheaper overseas.

Whether you choose to undergo a cosmetic procedure in Australia or overseas, is cosmetic surgery safe?

In general, it isn’t the procedures themselves that carry risk – although any medical procedure will always carry a degree of it. Rather, due to the lack of regulation in Australia, any registered medical practitioner can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon. This could lead, and indeed has led, to some cases where unscrupulous dentists and GP’s are putting patients at risk by offering and carrying out procedures that they’re not trained or experienced in delivering.

While government regulation of some description is likely to arrive in the near future, in the meantime it is crucial that anyone considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure, either at home or abroad, is diligent in sourcing a clinic and consultant and knows how to go about finding the right provider.

Are You Considering Cosmetic Surgery?

As well as ensuring you find a clinic and consultant that is qualified and experienced in the cosmetic procedure you’re considering, you may also need to think about how you’re going to fund your treatment.

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