Personal Loan Calculator

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Personal Loan Calculator

NOW FINANCE‘s personal loan calculator is designed to help you work out how much you’re looking to borrow and the period of time over which you’re looking to pay it back. By using the personal loan calculator you can work out how much you need and over what duration before you get in touch with our expert team at NOW FINANCE

Once you’re ready to proceed, contact NOW FINANCE to speak to one of our personal loan experts and discuss your needs further.

With our personal loan calculator you can:

  • Select the credit score grouping that is most applicable to you
  • Set your loan amount
  • Set the length of your loan
  • View the interest rate and the actual comparison rate
  • Calculate your repayments based on a weekly or fortnightly plan
  • Have your quote emailed based on the findings of the personal loan calculator
  • Get your individual interest rate based on your credit history by clicking here

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