Winter is Here. Let’s Plan for the Summer!

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There are many ways you can banish those winter blues.

For many people, it is common to take a vacation to get away from it all, take some time to recharge the batteries, and then head home to look forward to the second half of the year. If you manage to take a two to three-week break, this can really help you to split the winter in two and make it seem like it isn’t all that bad.

Even if you take a vacation, you still have plenty of winter to fill.

One other great way to get through winter is to plan for the summer.

Let’s take a look at four things you might be able to look forward to.

Planning Your Wedding

Even if your wedding isn’t planned for next summer, if you really suffer with the winter blues then this is a great way to get rid of them!

Whether your wedding is pencilled in for a few months’ time or not happening for a couple of years, there’s bound to be something you can throw yourself into. If you’re getting married later in the year, you might have some things to tie up that you want to avoid leaving to the very last minute. You might have got engaged fairly recently and are planning a quick and somewhat spontaneous wedding, meaning you could well have lots to do over the winter!

When the weather is cold and it’s raining far more than we’d like, what better way to lift your mood than to go trying on wedding dresses with your girlfriends, or taking your partner to check out some of the best local potential wedding venues?

Banish the winter blues by planning your wedding!


Renovating Your Home

Although summer is traditionally the best time to renovate your home – builders prefer working outside when it’s warm and unlikely to rain, and it’s great to have the windows open when applying a fresh lick of paint about the place – there’s not a lot you need to do differently to get things done in winter. The biggest challenge is whether you can rouse yourself above the weather and get yourself into action!

  • New Furniture – Treating yourself and your home to new furniture is a great way to refresh the interior without having to do any actual decorating. You may need to do some putting together of wardrobes and beds, but even with the work you need to do this is still a great way to avoid major renovations but still make your home feel like new.
  • Painting – Okay, so like we said earlier, if the weather isn’t on your side we might prefer to do something other than painting if we can’t open the windows at home. At the same time, the weather might mean we don’t want to go out or do anything else! Painting is always one of those jobs around the home that we put off, but actually when we do it we find it doesn’t take that long and can also be quite therapeutic. If there are rooms in your home due a fresh lick of paint, get them brightened up in time for the weather doing the same!

Get Your Outside Areas Summer Ready!


How often do you sit in your garden in the summer and wonder what else you could be doing out there?

Many of you will sit out in the garden and think about landscaping projects, adding decking – perhaps as an addition to the French doors we were thinking about earlier – or adding a shed or detached office space.

The only thing we’re thinking is: swimming pool!

Having a swimming pool installed in the winter is a great way to both banish the blues and to give yourself something to look forward to. It means that as soon as the summer arrives you’ll be all set to enjoy your garden pool, rather than waiting for the summer to arrive and you’re rushing to get the pool installed. Many Australians will follow the latter scenario to the letter, get ahead of the game and get your swimming pool installed now!


Go Motorcycle Shopping


Motorcyclists love using their machines all year round.

However, there’s nothing quite like heading out onto the great open Australian roads during the summer.

If it’s time for you to buy your first motorbike, or to upgrade your current wheels, get out during the winter and choose your dream machine. If you want specific tuning or customisations you can then plan these in to take delivery right at the start of the summer, ready to head out onto your favourite stretch of Australian road.


Get What You Want NOW, Ready for Summer


If you’re planning ahead to the summer, whether it’s for your wedding, home renovations, that swimming pool you’ve always wanted, a new motorbike, or anything else, NOW FINANCE could help you get the funds you need.

We offer personal loans to cover all of the options discussed here, as well as for other things such as medical and education expenses. Whatever you’re doing this winter to help you banish the blues and look ahead to summer, get in touch!

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