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As part of a recent customer here at NOW FINANCE, we asked people about their overseas travel habits. The survey revealed that 40% of Australians never travel overseas, while a further 23% travel abroad less frequently than once every couple of years. In contrast, only 2% of Australians travel abroad three or more times a year, with 16% one or two times a year.

The chart below highlights the full set of responses to this question.

Survey Shows 40 of Australians Never Travel Overseas_graphy

Why Leave Australia?

As we all know, Australia is a vast, beautiful country. Such is the size of our country that sometimes, you don’t need to leave to experience a completely different way of life. If you live in Sydney you can live city life to the full, but when it’s time for a holiday you can be in the heart of the Blue Mountains within two hours enjoying being at one with nature. Melbourne residents are just an hour’s drive around Port Phillip Bay from Torquay and the start of the Great Ocean Road. The road trip from Adelaide to Uluru, then onto Alice Springs and perhaps even right up to Darwin, is legendary. Those living in Perth can drive up the west coast and find some of the most unspoiled and beautiful landscapes in the whole country. The relatively low cost and the frequency of domestic travel also means we can get between Australia’s great cities in a matter of hours, no matter where we are.

There are Incredible Sights Overseas, Too

That all being said, there are some incredible places to visit overseas, too. The natural, raw beauty of South East Asia is on Australia’s doorstep, while New Zealand is even closer depending on where in the country you live.

Further afield, the United States has iconic cities like New York and Los Angeles, while sightseeing trips around Europe can take you to London, Paris, and Rome, among other stunning destinations.

So What Stops Australians Travelling Abroad?

With a huge number of Australians never travelling abroad, this got us wondering why.

It Takes Too Long to Get Anywhere

Australia is a fairly remote country, and while that’s one of the things many of us love about where we live, it can also provide a hindrance when travelling anywhere. Spending the best part of a day and a half on an aeroplane isn’t many people’s idea of fun, and that’s not including any waiting for connections when we’re hanging around the airport for hours at a time. It’s bad enough doing this ourselves sometimes, let alone if we have the kids with us!

Currency Exchange Rates Can Mean Poor Value

Considering the distance between Australia and many of the world’s most popular destinations, it can already cost a lot of money just to get somewhere. On top of that, we then need to consider how the currency exchange rate will affect the affordability of our trip. Let’s face it, we’re not going to go to Europe or to New York to stay in our hotel all the time. Some Australians are probably attracted to the idea of travelling abroad, but the cost of enjoying sightseeing, as well as eating and drinking, may put them off.

Exchange rates can prove a particular headache if you’re travelling to Europe, if you’re travelling to countries outside of the Eurozone, like the UK and Switzerland, and you need to keep track of what you’re spending and keeping a dollar comparison against two, three, or four currencies depending on your travel plan.

They Worry They Won’t Enjoy It

Given how much a holiday can cost, the worry that you’re going to spend a lot of money going somewhere and then not enjoying it is a very real one. If you’re someone who enjoys spending time at the beach, or exploring vast swathes of parkland, then it might just be the case that travelling abroad isn’t for you. If you’re not sure that European architecture or the sights of New York is something that you’re interested in, then it’s understandable why you may not choose to travel.

It’s also entirely possible that there are many Australians that love their own country so much that they just don’t want to travel abroad. There have been studies in the past that have shown only a small percentage of Australians have visited our own incredible landmarks such as Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef, so many may be looking to get these ticked off their personal travel list.

I Just Don’t Have the Money

One of the recurring topics that we’ve mentioned throughout is how much things can cost, and how this may frame other concerns such as a lack of enjoyment and how long it takes to travel to particular places. Affordability itself can be a reason, and many Australians may never travel abroad simply because they don’t believe they have the money to do so.

Don’t Let Money Stop You Chasing a Travel Dream

If you do want to explore the possibility to travelling overseas, you should take some time to research where you’d like to travel and the experiences you’d like to take in around the world.

Our recent articles on how to take a dream holiday for under $10,000 and how to budget for a trip to Europe may give you some inspiration and ideas.

Once you know where you want to travel, NOW FINANCE may be able to help you with your financial concerns by providing you with a travel loan. You can get your interest rate before applying,  and we offer personal loans of up to $40,000 over a period of seven years, meaning that dream holiday could easily be in reach.

If you still decide that travelling overseas isn’t for you, you can use a travel loan to fund a dream holiday in Australia, too!


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