Cyber Security Statement

Cyber security is a key pillar of the NOW Finance strategy and is embedded in the ongoing operations of our business. Our strategy prioritizes the proactive protection of our systems and customer data through the detection, analysis and response to potential threats and cyber incidents.

We strive to meet security best practices and apply up to date controls to protect customer data. We work with independent leaders in cyber security who regularly assess our approach against the latest in best practice standards. We maintain a formal cybersecurity program structured around the Australian Cyber Security Council’s Essential 8 and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Frameworks.

Cyber security controls are in place to protect our services and customer data.  These controls are regularly tested and updated. Controls include firewalls, virtual private networks, multi factor authentication, encryption, access control, email security, malware detection, application control, and endpoint detection.

Our systems are frequently patched with critical security vulnerabilities being addressed as soon as possible.  Cyber security monitoring is in place 24×7 by a dedicated security team.

All our staff are regularly cyber-trained and tested.  We have a strong culture of cyber awareness within the organisation.

For further information regarding NOW Finance cyber security, please reach us via email: