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Personal Loans, explained

NOW Finance offers unsecured loans, where you can borrow from $5,000 to $50,000, and secured personal loans, where you can borrow from $15,000 to $100,000. A secured loan means you provide an asset as security on the loan.

A personal loan is a loan you can use for just about anything. You can use it to pay for home extensions, debt consolidation or even a holiday. You can get small personal loans or big ones (up to $100,000). You have to repay the loan with interest over a fixed term. NOW Finance offers fixed terms from 18 months to 7 years. For more information, read about how it works.

To get a personal loan in Australia, you first need to select a loan provider. It’s always best to choose a lender with an excellent reputation and glowing customer reviews, such as NOW Finance. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for a personal loan online. Before you dive in, you can use our repayments calculator to calculate your estimated repayments.

Money from a personal loan is not classed as income, and therefore it is not taxable. A personal loan is a debt. If you choose to use the loan money to generate income, then you will have to pay tax on any profit you make.

Usually, you cannot transfer your personal loan to another person. There’s a good reason for this. All lenders must comply with ASIC’s responsible lending conduct obligations, under which all credit contracts with a consumer must be suitable for that particular consumer’s personal financial situation. If a lender allowed you to transfer your personal loan to another person, the lender would not be meeting their obligation to assess the suitability of the loan for the other person.

You can have more than one personal loan at once. However, if you want to take out a second or third personal loan, your options may be more limited. Your debt to income ratio would be higher, and your financial position would be less advantageous. You should also bear in mind that multiple loans can have a negative impact on your credit score.

If you have more than one personal loan, you should consider NOW Finance’s debt consolidation options.

You can get a free, online copy of your credit report, which will contain your credit rating. Your credit score will be in a “band” — low, fair, good, very good, excellent. Contact a credit reporting agency to obtain your free credit report.

NOW Finance will not charge fees if you pay off your personal loan early. You may even save money on interest, depending on the terms of your credit contract.

What should I know about a NOW Finance personal loan?

Is lack of cash stopping you from making memories and achieving your goals? A personal loan could be the solution. Whether you want to renovate your home, consolidate your debt or do something else entirely, NOW Finance may be able to help.

We offer personal loans with no fees, competitive rates and none of the bank. Not only are our personal loans affordable, but they’re also simple, tailored, easy to manage and fast.

NOW Finance is not a bank. We give our all into providing fast personal loans. Our personal service means customers consistently give us excellent reviews. Isn’t it time you experienced the power of one of Australia’s leading personal loan providers?

Personal loans, both big and small

NOW Finance provides a range of loan sizes. The amount you can borrow ranges from $5,000 to as much as $100,000. Whatever the size of your personal loan, it can make a big difference to your life when you borrow from a trusted lender like NOW Finance.

Competitive rates

NOW Finance provides highly competitive interest rates. We’re an excellent alternative to the big banks and credit cards.

Because we don’t charge fees, our comparison rates are identical to our interest rates. NOW Finance makes it simpler to shop for your personal loan in Australia and compare costs with other lenders.

Use our get my rate service to calculate your guaranteed rate for your personal loan.

Borrow with confidence

When you borrow from NOW Finance, you repay the loan over an agreed period of time, ranging from 18 months to 7 years.

Fixed repayments give you peace of mind — you can relax, knowing your repayment will be the same every time, making it so much easier to manage your money.

NOW Finance also offers flexible repayment terms. You can choose a weekly or fortnightly repayment schedule that suits your lifestyle and budget.

If you want to make extra repayments on top of your regular repayments, you won’t be penalised. There is no extra charge.

Use our personal loan calculator now to calculate your estimated repayments.

No fees

When we say “no fees”, we mean it. There are no establishment fees, no monthly fees, no fees for extra repayments and no early repayment fees.

NOW Finance really does make borrowing money simpler, more transparent and cheaper.

Easy application for fast personal loans

Applying for a NOW Finance personal loan in Australia is easy and fast. You can do everything online in a few simple steps and our online personal loan application takes just 10 minutes.

The three basic steps include:

To get a fuller picture, read how it works.

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