Savings Goal Calculator – How long to save

  • Current Account Balance – Current amount of money in your savings account
  • Savings Goal – The amount of money you would like to have at the end of the savings period
  • Interest Rate – This is the interest rate you receive on your savings
  • Regular Deposit – This is the recurring amount of money you can deposit in your savings account at a regular frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  • Deposit Frequency – This is the frequency of deposit (related to Regular deposit above)
  • Total Amount Invested – Including principal and regular deposits
  • Total Interest Earned – Interest earned over the entire life of the savings

Disclaimer: Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Calculators are only as good as the information you put in them. If this is incomplete or inaccurate, the result will not be reliable. It’s always a good idea to obtain advice before making financial decisions.
Comparison rate example: Based on an unsecured $30,000 loan with an interest rate of 13.95% over a 5 year term, the comparison rate will be 15.39%. Warning: This comparison rate is true only for the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.


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