1. We’ve all been there – you want to make that dream purchase, but don’t have the money just yet.
  2. You don’t need to wait – personal loans may help achieve you goals. What’s more, personal loans can usually be paid off over an extended period.
  3. But the interest rates you get depend on your personal credit score and current financial situation
  4. Many websites show general benchmark rates which could be very different from the rate you actually pay
  5. With most loan providers a rate query could reduce your credit score. And your actual rate may turn out to be higher than the benchmark rate. Unfortunately you wont get your personal rate until you apply – sounds like a catch 22!
  6. So do you just apply without a personalized rate or do you shop around – risking your credit score?
  7. But there is a finance company that gives you a personal rate before you apply.
  8. The process of getting a personalized rate does not touch your credit file.
  9. Now you don’t have to hurt your credit score or end up with an uncompetitive rate.
  10. Great – So the next time you want to get a truly honest personal loan – jump online to NOW FINANCE.
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