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Taking out a personal loan is a fantastic opportunity for you to start getting your life back in order, to invest in something to work [...]
When you see a TV advert or hear something on the radio that mentions the opportunity to “reduce your debt in minutes,” or “legally [...]
Even if you haven’t read the famous George Orwell novel Animal Farm, you probably recognize the foundation of the quote used in the [...]
Credit cards can be immensely helpful, but at the same time they can cost us a hell of a lot of money. We’re not just talking about the [...]
Millennials – otherwise known as Gen Y – are borrowing more than they can afford. In our recent article looking at Gen Y being on [...]
Though many of us have seen all the statistics that say how having a degree can improve our employability throughout our lives, as well [...]
As the oft-quoted phrase says, “a good deed never goes unpunished.” This can certainly be true when it comes to taking out a personal [...]
The term ‘net worth’ is often used when talking about the wealth of individuals, but what is it and how can it be calculated? What is [...]
Victoria is renowned in Australia as being the ‘Education State.’ When it comes to taking out a personal loan to cover education costs, [...]
Numerous studies through the years have shown that money is the most common source of arguments among couples. Financial disagreements [...]
Did you know that you can use your NOW FINANCE personal loan for a whole range of things? It isn’t going too far to say that you could [...]
With around 400,000 Australians on Facebook with a relationship status of ‘Engaged,’ that’s potentially a hell of a lot of wedding [...]
When looking at travel options you will always have a number of opportunities to save money by taking your time and shopping around. [...]
  While rooftop gardens and similar features have long been seen on Australia’s commercial buildings, they are now seeing a boom [...]
Getting the lifestyle you have always dreamed of doesn’t have to be difficult. Many of us save diligently for years, aiming to make [...]
Now that we’ve looked at how you should plan and get to your budget for your home renovation, the final step before you go ahead is to [...]
Discussing finance with friends isn’t easy. Whether there’s one friend in our social group that earns far more or far less than the [...]
Now that you have planned your home renovation project by considering what fits your taste, how long the project will take, and when [...]
Australians love DIY, with home renovation projects proving hugely popular across the country. As a nation, we are spending more on [...]
Are Australians missing out on the good things in life because they believe personal loans are just for the poor? Personal loans are [...]

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