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While at NOW FINANCE we only allow personal loans for specific uses, finance brokers and loan advisors are often exposed to a variety [...]
Technology. A word that is hugely exciting yet one that can be quite frightening at the same time. Technology moves so quickly that no [...]
What do you need right now? Whether it’s a new car, to cover the cost of medical expenses, or even to take a vacation, what are you [...]
“Become an Airbnb host” is often the first thing you’ll read if you’re looking for tips on how to increase your income or how to make [...]
Melbourne is one of Australia’s most beautiful cities, and is just as popular among those migrating from abroad wanting to live there [...]
Although personal loans are still regarded as something of a taboo subject when discussing finance with friends, they are more common [...]
A lot is said and written about the difficulties that millennials face in being able to afford their first home. While for some [...]
The beauty of the internet is that an answer to a question or a piece of advice on any subject is usually only a click or two and the [...]
Equifax figures for the first two quarters of 2017 highlight a significant evolution in the use of credit by Australians. In the first [...]
Festival season will soon be upon us, and if you haven’t already sorted your tickets it’s likely that you’ll be starting to do so soon. [...]
Sometimes, life has a habit of kicking us when we’re down, or bringing us a nasty surprise just as we’re starting to feel positive [...]
Having your home burgled is one of the most traumatising things that can happen to us. Waking up to find we have been burgled while we [...]
There are many negative connotations attached to taking out a personal loan. These range from understandable concerns to things that [...]
Our personal finances are an area that many of us tend to neglect. It’s never too early to start being financially savvy, while at the [...]
A car is something that is an essential for many of us, yet at the same time is something that demands a lot of our time as well as a [...]
How long has it been since you and your family took a vacation together? Perhaps more importantly, how long will it be before you next [...]
Going through the breakdown of your marriage is stressful enough without worrying about how you’re going to deal with the financial [...]
Many Australians are taking out car loans to help them cover the cost of their vehicle. Are those Australians wise to be doing so, or [...]
When looking for a personal loan, many people choose to focus purely on the interest rate they are getting. In some respects, this is [...]
  “When I apply for a personal loan, I get the same interest rate as my friends and neighbours. There is a standardised interest [...]

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