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How do People Spend Their Time Online?

It’s no secret that people are spending more time online than ever before.

Smart Company research from early 2016 indicated that Australians spend an average of 10 hours a day using devices that are connected to the internet. Earlier research from 2012, conducted by Pria, highlighted that there are 13million Australians spending 18 hours or more a day online. For these Australians, when they weren’t asleep, they were online, whether at work or at home. Within this research Pria highlighted that one out of every five minutes – 20% of time spent online, or 3.6 hours a day – spent online is spent on a social networking website. More recent research has seen social media’s share grow to 25% of all online time.

While social media is the obvious “time drain” when it comes to spending time online, we can now do pretty much everything online.

NOW FINANCE Customers Enjoy Watching TV Online

Recent research conducted by NOW FINANCE highlighted that 57% of personal loan applicants have watched TV online. In addition to this, a total of 25% of personal loan applicants now watch TV online more regularly than on their television set.

Why do people watch TV online?

One possibility is that as our lives continue to get busier, some of us are choosing to consume TV on the go. Any of the 9% of Australians who commute to work via public transport will be able to testify about how the numbers of people reading books, magazines, and newspapers have dwindled while the numbers of people looking at their mobile phone or tablet device has increased. Though many of these people will have replaced what they were doing before like for like – reading the newspaper in digital rather than physical format – it is likely that many people will be catching up with their favourite TV shows, too.

Our research also discovered that 52% of NOW FINANCE customers watch TV for 0 – 2 hours per day. At the same time, it is estimated that the average commute time for Australians is around an hour, so for those spending time on buses, trains, or in taxis, their travel time easily enables them to fit in their TV watching habits, freeing up time to spend with the children or doing something else when they get home.

Given the number of people who watch TV online, and the ability to now watch pretty much everything on our TV’s through our mobile phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop computer, it’s likely that more Australians will soon not even have a television set at all and save themselves plenty of money on cable subscriptions and other expenses.

In contrast to NOW FINANCE’s research, Think TV research from late 2015 highlighted that watching TV on a television set catered for 88% of the time spent watching TV in Australia. This indicates that NOW FINANCE customers are likely watching less TV than the average Australian through their television set and embracing digital trends to a fuller extent in general.

What Does This Mean for Personal Loans?

As we noted at the start of the article, at NOW FINANCE we’re putting ourselves at the forefront of innovation to ensure that our customers can find us where they spend their time. We suspected many of our customers – as well as many other Australians who may be looking for a personal loan – were spending their time online, and our research backed this up. It’s also why our continued innovations this year will enable the whole process to be managed online, including uploading and saving identity documents and the ongoing management of your account.

While we will continue to advertise on TV as well as on billboards across Melbourne and Sydney, the entire personal loan application process will remain possible to complete online, though you have the option of calling us on 1300 275 669 if you prefer. You’ll never have to come into a branch (we don’t have any!) or meet someone face to face, yet you’ll benefit from the fantastic customer service offered here at NOW FINANCE.

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