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The beauty of the internet is that an answer to a question or a piece of advice on any subject is usually only a click or two and the typing of a few words into a search engine away. Yet, even this can prove difficult. A search for “personal finance blogs” returns around 24 million results, so where should you begin if looking for financial advice?

As you’re here reading this, obviously you’ve discovered the NOW FINANCE blog, and we hope you enjoy reading the variety of tips and advice that we publish here on a regular basis.

At the same time, we like to give credit where it’s due, so here’s a look at some of the other great personal finance resources available for Australians.


The website is a fantastic resource that holds a wealth of personal finance advice and guidance, whatever your circumstances. Whether you’re interested in frugal living and maximizing your lifestyle in relation to your income, are working towards a savings goal, or even if you wish to start retirement planning having never considered it or even saved a dollar, this website will be able to help you formulate and work towards your financial goals.

2.      Jasonjots

Unlike many finance blogs out there, this one is written by someone – Jason Wong – who works in the finance industry and has years of experience in that line of work. Jason himself is a fund manager, although the focus of this blog is more on giving finance tips in the simplest and to the point manner as possible. Considering how often many finance professionals – and bloggers – easily drift into using jargon, this blog represents a refreshing, straightforward approach whether you’re looking for guidance when it comes to buying a property or want to avoid the financial mistakes of others in all aspects of your life.

3.      Fire by Thirty-Five

Fire by Thirty-Five follows the adventures of LadyFIRE, who currently “works in a city in an office with no windows,” and is looking to be financially independent so she can retire at 35. Although LadyFIRE herself owned two properties mortgage-free by her mid-20’s, this blog features a fantastic range of down to earth insight, especially useful if you’re an impulsive spender and want to be able to control what you buy and avoid the dreaded feeling of “buyer’s regret.”

4.      Women in the Black

The Women in the Black blog, as the name suggests, is aimed specifically at women, but most of what is written is relevant to men also. For example, there are some excellent articles around retaining an element of financial independence as a stay-at-home mother, but if you’re a guy who stays at home with the children while your partner goes out to work, the same information will work for you. In addition to savings and lifestyle information, this blog also features some great tips around managing your credit report and ensuring your credit history is always clean and transparent.

5.      Financial Farmers

When we become parents, it’s easy to feel like we’re suddenly in a position where we’re never going to be able to save any money. However, the Financial Farmers blog, written by a couple in their mid-30’s who have a child, should serve as inspiration to any couple who hold those feelings. This blog looks at everything from budgeting to how to manage investments, and the aim of the Financial Farmers is to reach “financial freedom” by the age of 40.

6.      Aussie Finance Blog

The Aussie Finance Blog is a fantastic site which focuses on the basics of personal finance and frugal living as well as on a simple presentation of the intricacies of the Australian stock market and investment opportunities. While the site focuses mainly on personal finances, there are also tips for reducing business expenses, though in many cases these can easily be applied to your personal day-to-day life, too. On top of this there are also plenty of ideas for finding the best personal loans, remortgaging, and how to make the most of other finance products and services.

7.      Makin Cents

Not only does Makin Cents have a clever play on words as its name, it goes beyond options for saving and gives a real insight into the small changes you can make to your life that over years could save you a small fortune. You’ll get tips on how to maximize the fuel economy of your vehicle, learn how much you could save by switching off and unplugging appliances when you go to work and at night, and other small, general, yet effective tips that when added together could see you saving some money.

8.      Frugal and Thriving

Although Frugal and Thriving is a wide reaching lifestyle website, it’s “Money Matters” section is a quality finance resource available to Australians. If you want to improve your lifestyle, but do it in a way where you do more with what you have, rather than worrying too much about learning new skills or earning a promotion at work, then this is the website for you.

9.      All About Balance

All About Balance follows the life of a female living in Sydney, who is working towards financial independence. Anyone who is interested in better budgeting or saving money but without feeling like they’re giving up everything they enjoy should read and subscribe to this blog. All About Balance is a real life, working example of the ability to budget and save while living life to the full!

10. Lifehacker Australia

Chances are that you’ve visited Lifehacker Australia at least once in your life, and if you haven’t then you almost certainly will have heard of it. While the Lifehacker website in general is huge and can help you with all aspects of life, its finance section is particularly good. Its major benefit is that it doesn’t go into the detail and depth of many other financial websites, so if you want to pick up some ideas about becoming more financially savvy in an easy to read, accessible manner, it’s not a bad idea to start with Lifehacker.

Which financial blogs and websites do you read? Are there any that we should have included in our list? Get in touch with us via Facebook to tell us about your experiences on the NOW FINANCE blog, the websites we’ve suggested here, and to tell us your own recommended blogs and sites to read.

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