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Black Friday is coming.

While it can be tempting to go out and splurge your cash, it always pays to have a plan and be a little more circumspect.

Here’s how you can make your money go further this Black Friday.

1.      Get Amazon Prime

Amazons revenues over last year’s Black Friday weekend were a scarcely believable US$4.8 billion (CNBC, 2020). Still, with incredible deals almost always cheaper than what you can get in the shops, is it really any wonder?

While Amazon might be your default go-to location for Black Friday deals, you might be able to save even more money by joining Amazon Prime. You’ll need to part with $6.99 for a monthly subscription – unless you’re a new member, in which case you’ll get a free 30-day trial. But in return, you’ll get early access to Amazon’s limited-time “Lightning Deals” and even better prices on selected products.

If nothing you want goes on a ridiculously cheap deal, at least you’ve only spent $6.99 at most.


2.      Check prices now

Every year brings reports of consumer groups finding Black Friday “deals” that are actually more expensive than they were previously on sale at.

Don’t be someone who gets outraged because you’ve been taken for a ride. Instead, make sure you don’t get taken for a ride at all.

If there are things you know you want to buy and have an eye on Black Friday, do your research and discover what they cost now. Come Black Friday, if the prices are mysteriously higher, you know you can wait until nearer Christmas or into the New Year to get a better deal.


3.      Set up online accounts and join mailing lists

While most eCommerce stores allow you to check out quickly as a guest, that’s not a great plan for Black Friday.

By setting up accounts on websites that sell things you know you want to buy, not only are you ready to go for Black Friday, but you’ll usually get access to exclusive deals that are time or stock limited, too.

You can unsubscribe on 1st December, but you should create accounts and join those mailing lists now to get the best savings on Black Friday.


4.      Use cashback and coupons to effectively save more

While Black Friday discounts are often attractive, there is plenty of chances to save even more money, too.


  • Joining coupon sites or finding coupon codes that will work in checkouts on top of existing discounts.
  • Joining cashback websites where you’ll get a discount for clicking through to the retailer to make your purchase.
  • Using a cashback credit card – or checking your existing banking and credit card apps for cashback offers – to get some money back on your purchase. Remember to pay your balance in full so you don’t wipe out the saving by paying interest.


5.      If you’re planning to buy bigger, choose a loan with no fees

Black Friday offers aren’t just about getting us to spend money on new clothes, appliances, and things we might not necessarily need. You’ll usually be able to find amazing discounts on things like furniture, bicycles, cars, holidays, and much more.

If you don’t have the cash to take advantage of an attractive big-ticket deal or don’t want to dip into your savings, you might be considering paying for it with a personal loan. You can take advantage of savings here, too, by ensuring you get a loan with a rate you deserve and with no fees.

At NOW Finance, all our personal loans come with no fees and none of the bank. Make your Black Friday bargain an even better deal by cutting the cost of your borrowing.

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