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Find out why money matters by reading our tips about Bankruptcy, Budgeting & Money Management, Debt Management, Frugal Living, Personal Expenses, Everyday Money, Financial Wellness, Career and much more.
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How to get cheap personal loans in the EOFY sales

The end of the financial year (EOFY) sales will soon be here....
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Are Credit Cards as Good as They Used to Be?

Is credit card usage in decline in Australia?...
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Are Your Friends’ Financial Habits Making You Poor? Here’s How to Change That

We all have that one friend or know of somebody who always pressures us to go out....
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Do You Really Need Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance in Australia is far more popular than it is in other countries across the w...
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Ever Considered a Career in Finance? Trust us, it’s Definitely not as Dull as It sounds!

If a job in the finance sector appeals to you, start looking today and find yourself a fun, interest...
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I Didn’t Realise How Much I Needed a Personal Loan!

If you’re trying to save some money each month and failing miserably, don’t worry, because you...
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How to Prep Your Home to be a Great Airbnb Host

“Become an Airbnb host” is often the first thing you’ll read if you’re looking for tips on h...
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Is Melbourne Really the Most Liveable City?

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most beautiful cities, and is just as popular among those migratin...
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Top Reasons People Take Out Financial Loans

here’s a look at the most popular loan types here at NOW FINANCE....
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Suggested Australian Websites that may answer questions in relation to Savings

The beauty of the internet is that an answer to a question or a piece of advice on any subject is us...
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How to Tackle This Year’s Festival Season Like a Financial Champ

top tips that will help you tackle this year’s festival season like a financial champ....
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What to do in a Financial Emergency

Financial emergencies are varied in their circumstances as well as what they’ll ultimately cost us...