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Have questions about personal loans? Get them answered with our general advice and guidance on personal finance. Answered by the expert NOW Finance team of personal loan consultants.
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Balance transfer vs Personal loan

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Personal Loan Broker vs Comparison Sites

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Automation in the finance industry: What do the changes mean for customers?

As a consumer, your first impression when learning that a business uses automation to do things like...
consumer data right
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What does the Consumer Data Right mean for consumers?

Do you know about the Consumer Data Right (CDR) and how it might affect the way you access finance p...
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Are Early Pay Services Replacing Payday Loans as Your Biggest Financial Risk?

Payday loans and other types of short-term borrowing are widely accepted as being potentially danger...
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What is a comparison rate and why is it important?

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NOW Finance lowers interest rates again and increases maximum unsecured loan to $50,000

NOW Finance personal loans are now an even better value for our customers,...
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When do Personal Loan Providers Check Your Credit File?

Let’s take a look at when personal loan providers check your credit file, and what you can do to p...
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5 Steps to Refinancing a Personal Loan

Refinancing a personal loan may be a great financial solution that could bring many benefits...
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Funniest Reasons People Have Applied for a Personal Loan

wild and wonderful reasons why people require a loan...
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I Didn’t Realise How Much I Needed a Personal Loan!

If you’re trying to save some money each month and failing miserably, don’t worry, because you...
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Top Reasons People Take Out Financial Loans

here’s a look at the most popular loan types here at NOW FINANCE....