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A great and convenient car loan solution to purchase your car

When you have your own car, the world opens up to you professionally, socially and personally. But saving up for a vehicle is long, hard work. Fortunately, there is a better way. Car loans can put you behind the wheel of your own car at a much faster pace. When you purchase a car, dealers often try to tempt you with car finance. But before you do, make sure you check out a car loan from a reputable lender such as NOW Finance, to ensure you’re not paying an excessive amount of money in the long term. NOW Finance specialises in car loans in Australia and offers a range of finance deals with competitive interest rates and no fees. Whether it’s your first set of wheels or you want to upgrade, we tailor our loans for cars to suit your personal situation.

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Car loans that don’t drive you crazy

NOW Finance’s car loans make borrowing money simpler. Our loans are easy to understand and easy to manage. And we can transfer the funds at top speed. You could be sitting in the driver’s seat very soon.

NOW Finance is not attached to a bank. We put personal service into all of our car loans. You’ll find our approach friendly, professional and convenient. Our customers regularly give us very high ratings.

Car finance for all Australians

NOW Finance can cover car loans of up to $50,000 for unsecured loans and up to $100,000 for secured loans. Wherever you live in Australia, you can apply for car finance with NOW Finance. The only condition is that you meet our eligibility criteria. You will have a to steer you through the process. Whether you need help with the loan application or you have questions about the terms and conditions, your personal loan advisor is there to assist. Explore more about how it works.

Competitive rates on car finance

NOW Finance’s loans for cars have competitive interest rates. We’re more affordable than a credit card and an excellent alternative to a bank. As we have no fees, our comparison rates are the same as our interest rates. This makes shopping for a car loan and comparing prices with other lenders so much easier. Why NOW? Why not!    

No fees on car loan finance

To make things simpler for customers, we have a no fees approach. This means no establishment fees, no monthly fees, no fees for extra repayments and no early repayment fees.

Flexibility when you need it

Whether you need used car finance or funds for a new vehicle, NOW Finance allows you to repay your loan over a fixed term, from 18 months to 7 years. Fixed repayments mean you stay in control of your money while enjoying all the perks of having your own wheels. NOW Finance also offers flexible repayment terms, tailored to suit your lifestyle and budget. What’s more, you can make extra repayments without ever paying extra fees. Are you ready to unlock great value on a car loan? Call NOW Finance today to get started.

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